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Willsbro Garrett S Madison - Milk Machine


Willsbro Garrett S Madison has finished her 305 days record. And how! In 305 days she produced 16.929 kg of milk with 3.39% protein. Every single test was above 50 kg milk/day except for the last one @ 48.8. On average she produced over 55 kg of milk / day in 305 days. Resulting in the fact that she produced 82% above herd average. She is the highest producing 2-yr old ever at Koepon. Beating the old production record of a 2yr old by more then 3000 kg of milk. With this production she confirms her genomic index. In the Netherlands she still scores +500 INET and that with +3429 kg of milk in her index.

Snowman family

Madison is a Garrett daughter of Broeks Madison, a VG-89 classified Shottle daughter of Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90. Elsa is also the dam of Flevo Genetics Snowman (s. O Man), a bull that shows also a great production index of +418 INET!
Further is this pedigree we find Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89, an Aaron daughter that produced 18.148 kg of milk in her first lactation. Next dam is Ever-Green-View Elsie EX-92 (s. Bell Elton) with a second lactation of 23.850 kg of milk (365 days).

There are pregnancies on the way from Madison by Alta1stClass and Missourri. She has 4 young heifers in the herd sired by Doorman, Galaxy, Jerod and Fanatic. Madison is truly a tremendous milk machine.

Willsbro Garrett S Madison VG 85 2yr old
Willsbro Garrett S Madison VG 85 2yr old