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The #1 GNVI Snowman in holland


At Koepon Holsteins several interesting donor cows were pictured. What to think of

Koepon Snowman Midnite 8; the #1 GNVI Snowman daughter with +319 GNVI.

Hereby she is the #9 GNVI (milking) in the Netherlands (black/white).

Midnite 8 has a very interesting pedigree. Her dam is Koepon Midnite 4, a VG-87
Lawn Boy daughter out of an VG-87 Shottle daughter of Henkeseen BWM Midnite (BW
Marshall x Rudolph x Henkeseen M Hillary). A Latimer son of Midnite 8 is sold
to an AI in Spain.

Koepon Snow Midnite 8 VG86
Koepon Snow Midnite 8 VG86

Two other animals that have been pictured hail from the very succesful Koepon
Regenia family that has her roots in the Regan-Joy Durham Regenia family.
This Regenia is a the full sister to the popular Durham sons Mr Sam and Mr

Koepon Epic Regenia 109 is an early Epic daughter of Koepon Mano Regenia 73 VG-86
(Man O Man). The granddam of Regenia 109 is Koepon Shottle Regenia 10, a very
popular VG-86 Shottle daughter of Koepon Stormatic Regenia 1 VG-87, a Stormatic
daughter of Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92.

Regenia 109 is fresh for only 2 months but looks great. She has a +2495 GTPI
Balisto daughter that is also the #3 in Italy with over 3450 GPFT. On Canadian
basis this Balisto scores over 3500 GLPI (DGV). A Balisto son of Regenia 109 is
sold to Alta and scores over +2500 GTPI.

Koepon Epic Regenia 109
Koepon Epic Regenia 109

Koepon Col Regenia 37 VG-89, a Colby daughter of Koepon Shottle Regenia 10, is the dam of Koepon
Bookem Regenia 104. Regenia 104 is classified VG-85 (just fresh) and is
the dam of a +2371 GTPI Jabir and has a +2324 GTPI Jetset daughter as well. A
Jabir son of Regenia 104 is sold to Alta.

Koepon Bkm Regenia 104 VG85
Koepon Bkm Regenia 104 VG85