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Red and Polled and 157 RZG!!!


Another new genomic giant has received her numbers last week. Koepon Apoll P Kira 1 RED. She is an Apoll daughter out of Wilder Brekem K22. This calf has a tremendous pedigree. Apoll P x Brekem x VG 87 Snowman ( Dam of Kanu-P) x VG87 Shottle x VG87 Ramos. A tremendous sire stack to go along with a beautiful calf. This heifer comes back with 157 RZG. Making her the #2 red heifer born in 2016. She is also the #5 Apoll in the world and this one is polled. And how many red heifers are able to combine 2531 kg of milk with 79 kg of fat and 73 kg of protein and still score 100 for fertility? That puts her in elite company. Her direct genomics show her going up almost a 1000 kg of milk with +25kg of fat and +25kg of protein and 8 points for fertility.

Well with that kind of production you figure she will score lower on her health traits. Well nothing is less true. She scores 123 for Herd Life (+7). 100 for fertility (+8). 111 for cellcount (+4) and extremely high for all calving traits.

Well then there is only type left. That she nails as well. Frame 111, Dairy strength 124, Udder 117 and F&L 111. She also scores 132 for stature, 122 Chest width, 120 for rump angle, 116 for foot angle, 119 for udder cleft, 103 for teat length.

Kira 1 is going to add a new chapter to the Koepon red breeding program.

Wilder Kanu 111 VG-86
Wilder Kanu 111 VG-87
Wilder Kanu 55 (Shottle) VG-87
Wilder Kanu 55 (Shottle) VG-87