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Newest Classification Results!


A super classification last week at Koepon. 43 2-yr olds where classified with an extremely high average: 85.6 Frame, 84.7 Dairystrength, 85.0 Mammary, 83.6 Feet & Legs, 84.6 Final score!

The average of the Koepon herd is now 85.2 points with over 200 animals classified.

Many are 1/2 sisters to bull that are currently in AI studs and or have sons themselves in AI. Making this one of the most exciting young group of cows at Koepon ever.

Koepon Shot Classy 17
The Classy family had several members that scored very well. One of the most influential cows from this family is Shottle daughter Koepon Shot Classy 17 VG-85. Her Planet daughter, Koepon Plan Classy 60, is classified VG-88 in her second lactation. Koepon Iota Classy 98 (Iota x Million x Classy 17) is classified VG-86 and is still one of the highest Iota daughters in the Netherlands. Koepon Mano Classy 90 (Man O Man x Classy 17) is also classified VG-85. She is the dam of AltaOak daughters with +2444 and +2424 GTPI and has also Supersire daughters with +2320 and +2313 GTPI.

Koepon Baxter Qualsiasi
Koepon Baxter Qualsiasi and three of her daughters are (re)classified. Baxter Qualsiasi is classified VG-89 in her third lactation. Her second lactation Superstition daughter is classified VG-88, her Explode daughter received VG-87 and her Gold Chip is classified VG-86.

Other highlights:

Name Class Details
Jordan Coba 35
VG-88 2yr old
Bookem Claudia 19 VG-87 2yr old
Windbrook Classy 106 VG-87 2yr old Halfsister to Koepon Iota Carpenter
Explode Qualsiasi 5 VG-87 2yr old Numero Uno son at Inseme
Iota Classy 98 VG-86 2yr old Fullsister to Koepon Iota Carpenter
Iota Classy 100 VG-86 2yr old Embryo’s sold to England
Explode Classy 105 VG-86 2yr old Halfsister to AltaClooney and AltaClifton
Snowman Midnite 8 VG-86 2yr old Halfsister to AltaMido-P
Fever Klaske 111 VG-86 2yr old
Goldchip Feikje VG-86 2yr old
Goldchip Qualsiasi VG-86 2yr old 2 Full brothers in AI.
Bookem Claudia 23 VG-86 2yr old
Domain Caroline VG-85 2yr old Doman x Planet x Chassity; High Snowmaster son at Masterrind
Snow Classy 97 VG-85 2yr old Fullsister to AltaClayton
Paddy Denise 25 VG-85 2yr old
Escalade Ebeltje VG-85 2yr old
Lauthoriy Regenia VG-85 2yr old Halfsister to AltaAmon
Brett Song 3 VG-85 2yr old
Mano Classy 90 VG-85 2yr old Fullsister to AltaClassman; 2 Oaks over +2400 GTPI and 2 Supersires over +2300 GTPI
Super Klaske 107 VG-85 2yr old
Garrett Madison VG-85 2yr old Highest production heifer at Koepon ever
Bowser Regenia VG-85 2yr old
Shamrock Ebeltje VG-85 2yr old
Orlan Claudia 24 VG-85 2yr old Halfsister to AltaConsus
Bookem Claudia 22 VG-85 2yr old
Bookem Regenia 104 VG-85 2yr old Jabir son at Alta
Cows (re-classified)
Million Goldmine
VG-87 3yr old Hunter son at Inseme
Superstition Qualsiasi VG-88 3yr old Bookem son at Masterrind
Ross Piste VG-86 3yr old
Ross Klaske VG-86 3yr old
Colby Regenia 30 VG-85 4yr old High Mogul daughter and high +2400 GTPI Granddaughters
Colby Regenia 37 VG-89 4yr old Dam to AltaAmon
Baxter Qualsiasi VG-89 4yr old 4 sons in AI
Lawnboy Midnite VG-87 4yr old Dam to AltaMido-P
Planet Classy 60 VG-88 3yr old Dam to AltaClifton and AltaClooney; Gold Chip son in AI
Jeeves Genua VG-86 3yr old 2 sons at CRV and 2 sons at KI Kampen
Fortune Lysterine VG-86 5yr old