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Classification Day 2019


During the classification at Koepon Genetics recently 61 milking 2-yr-olds are classified 83.9 points in average for total score and 84.8 for udders. 30 from the 61 milking heifers are scored at least VG-85 this round. 1x VG88, 6x VG87, 15x VG86 and 8x VG85. Highest scored heifer is the very fancy, well balanced Koepon Sprs Classy 293, a VG-88 scored Seagull-Bay Supersire daughter out of Koepon Doorman Classy 193 VG-87. Her full brother is one of the highest supersire sons of the breed, AltaPaco.

Regenia’s :

Three heifers from the Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92 family scored VG-87, from which Koepon Abt Regenia 228 was classified with the maximum score (VG-89) for her fabulous udder. Her sire is Willsbro Abbott, a Satisfaction son from the Atlee & Adeen family. Also Bacon-Hill Modesty daughter Regenia 236 VG-87 (mgs. Halogen) exhibits a beautiful udder and is scored VG-88 for mammary system.


The Koepon Classy family, the cow family with the most progeny at Koepon, has more fancy heifers this round, like Mogul daughter Classy 324 VG-87, with VG-88 MS. Koepon Cherry VG-86, VG-87 MS (s. Rubicon) is flushed as a heifer and has high daughters of Imax, Hotline, AltaCayenne and an Eldorado daughter of 2700 gTPI. Also Silver Classy 228 VG-86 (VG-87 MS) is utilized a lot in breeding programs as a heifer, has several high daughters and her embryos are sold to several foreign AI-studs.

Koepon Slvr Classy 228 VG86
Koepon Slvr Classy 228 VG86

Other families:

Peak Sophia VG-87 is a great View-Home Monterey daughter from the successful Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 family. She is a maternal sister of young sires like OCD Spring Slamdunk & Samuri and Pine-Tree Prophecy. Sophia has already 8 daughters over 2700 gTPI, including Koepon Nitro Sophia (s. AltaNitro), at 2844 gTPI. And also Koepon Pb Midnite 29 PP VG-86 (s. Powerball P), for a long time one of the highest homozygous polled females in Europe, has several polled sons at Alta and RSH in Germany. Her highest daughter is a homozygous polled & red carrier Mission P RDC.