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2589 GTPI (Dec ‘14)  heading to the Tulip Sale 2014


​Koepon Holsteins will be sending a number of animals to the Tulip Sale on Friday, December 12, 2014. By far one of the most exciting animals in the sale will be an early Halogen daughter from Koepon Mogul Regenia 125. She is the #1 GTPI calf in the sale. She is also the #13 calf in Europe. Yes there are higher calves in Europe but this one is for sale. Regenia 125 is a Mogul daughter out of an 85 point Colby x 89 Stormatic Regenia. Making Regenia 125 (2324 GTPI Dec “14) one of the highest outcross heifers in Europe. Not only is she making high genomic offspring she is is also a tremendous young individual herself. At Koepon we expect a lot from this young Mogul daughter.

VG 89 Colby x Shottle x Stormatic
VG 89 Colby x Shottle x Stormatic Regenia

Koepon Halogen Regenia 170 will sell live in the sale. She is a beautiful deep ribbed young calf with a superb hard topline. Her numbers are in every aspect amazing. She combines 1236 lbs of milk with 35f en 32p. Solid production figures along with +6.0 for productive life +3.9 for DPR en low cellcount at 2.67. Her type numbers are also tremendous, 2.62 Ptat with 2.55 UDC en 2.42 FLC. The complete calf with pedigree to boot.

Another calf that will be selling is an early De-Su Distinction daughter, Koepon Dis Regenia 166. Born the 18th of July out of an Epic daughter from a VG87 Manoman. The Manoman comes from the same Colby as Halogen Regenia 170. This family keeps making special ones. This calf comes with good numbers as well. 2345GTPI. 897 lbs of milk with 39f and 30p. Combining this with +5.4PL, +.9 DPR and 2.89 SCC. Her type numbers are exceptional with 2.67 PTAT with 2.24 UDC and 1.61 FLC. This calf will make a fine addition to anyones herd. Before sale time her dam should be scored.

VG87 - 89MS Manoman x Colby x Stormatic Regenia
VG87 - 89MS Manoman x Colby x Stormatic Regenia

The third calf in the sale comes from the heart of the Regancrest Chassity family. She is a sargeant daughter from MS Chassitys Coverluck, the VG 86 2yr old Bookem daughter from Chassity herself. She comes in with good numbers as well. She has 2252 GTPI with tremendous production figures. 2020 lbs of milk with 45f and 50p. Wih these big production figures she still manages 2.18 PTAT. So if you are looking for a high production calf with high type numbers straight out of the chassity’s, this is the calf you need to buy.

VG 86 Bookem x Regancrest Chassity
VG 86 Bookem x Regancrest Chassity