About Koepon Holsteins

Employees Koepon Holsteins
L-R Marcel, Alex, Wouter, Erik, Henk
Koepon Restha Klaske 48 EX90 4th lact.

Dairy Farming is part of our life….Profitability; nice, functional cows; respect for man, animal, and the environment

These are some keywords synonymous with Koepon. Not just today, but also for the future –to serve the dairy industry with top genetics for long-term profitability.

Breeding has always been one of the most important aspects of our Koepon herds. Nowadays we have an enormous line-up of bulls in various studs throughout Europe. Using genomic markers helps us identify our best cows. This enables us to make leaps and bounds towards breeding better cows for tomorrow’s market.

Koepon herds have existed around Europe since the late seventies. The first herd, established in Garnwerd, the Netherlands, has hit the limelight on many occasions. A long list of achievements can be shown for this 250-cow herd, not just in terms of production but also in the show ring.

In 1983, the 500-cow Coopon Carse herd located in Scotland came into being. This herd was also noticed for its top genetics. To date we are selling many offspring from brood cow families to a long string of satisfied customers.

In 1993, the German Koepon herds where added. Kuhpon Kaarz and Kuhpon Buchholz combine for a total of 1000 cows. In 2006 Koepon also started to cooperate in Poland with the Paul Pon Polska project, a herd with 1200 cows.

We have also expanded our land base in Germany and are in the planning stages of other exciting future projects.

Our Koepon herds align with our mission To help feed the world, with high quality milk from beautiful cows.